Monday, December 21, 2009

Pain in the neck!

No, not me, just everything. I have slipped a disc (T2 for the technical) which has give me a major pain in the neck!, well shoulder and arm actually. Having had a visit to out of hours doctor at 12:30am, thought it was muscle spasm (which it mainly was at that point) got pain killers etc.. Then had to phone again the following night at 2am, to be able to increase dosage. Saw my own GP on the Monday who had a med student, they thought it was a trapped nerve/slipped disc so referred me to a specialist (one time I am glad I have medical insurance through work). Had an MRI scan and saw him on the Thursday. This confirmed slipped disc. 80% normally right themselves with rest, so now on pain killers. muscle relaxants etc. So pain now not a problem, just very doppy! If that doesn't work then it will be an operation.
But everything is a pain in the neck so to speak. I have a numb right thumb, so using the computer is difficult. I had a DIY job on the go to get the downstairs toilet ready for christmas. (Big thanks to PJ and Mark for making it now usuable). I can't drive, in fact can't do much at all which is very frustrating.
I forced Val to still let me lead the carol service. This went brilliantly except for me falling off the stage - not good for the neck, it wasn't as bad as it sounds I just forgot that I was on the highest staging and it was a long way down 600mm, good job Karen was behind the screen and didn't see it. I made one change to the service, which was I did not hold baby Phoebe, both from not supposed to be lifing things and also in my state I didn't think it would be the most sensible thing to do. I had decided to use a real baby to bring home the impact of God with Us, and that a baby wants our full attention, and for some reason we want to give it, and that's how it should be with God.
My main problem now is Christmas day as I normally do the cooking. PJ says he will do it, but I know what I am like, so prayers that we won't fall out and we will find a balance between him doing it and me advising and helping with the little I can do.
I don't know how Karen is coping with not only having to look after me, but aslo do all the extra running around at Christmas I normally do. She seems to have everything under control, or is she just not letting on to me? Sarah and PJ are being great in helping out when they can, amongst their busy work and social lives.