Saturday, January 2, 2010

What has God got planned for 2010?

I am sitting on my settee frustrated at not being able to do much and contemplating nexk surgery and what it might mean. Feeling the rollercoaster ride of 2009 is continuing. I then happened to read Hannah's, Kal's and Sarah's blogs which made me cry. They had focused on the good things that have happened. I then read through some of my old blog entires (I know there aren't that many) and realised how much good there had been in 2009. Hannah's blog also reminded me on the talk I gave at our carol service and God's plan, and focusing wholely on him.

So whatevery 2010 brings I know it is part of God's plan, my prayer at the moment is that amongst all my tiredness from the medication I am taking that I can find time to concentrate on him.