Saturday, August 15, 2009

God is Good

I know it is some time since my last post, but what with Dad's funeral and thanksgiving service (which went really well) and New Wine, I haven't had much time.

New Wine was was up and down because if mum not being well. I was going to blog about stuff from New Wine, but I have decided not to. Instead I want to say what a great God we have. Having just had a BBQ for our 25th Wedding Anniversary (and also Kal's parent's 50th) I realise how blessed I am that God gave me Karen. I know I've always known it, but when you celebrate 25 years it really brings it home.

I know it is actual 10 days to go to that actual day, but we celebrated today to co-incide with Kal's parents. Also a couple of days after ours we are off to Mauritius for 10 days of luxury, we just can't wait :-)

It was really good today having some of our friends around (sorry to those we didn't invite, we only had so much space in the back garden!) and chat to extended family. It make me realise how good God is to us, and how important family and marriage is.

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