Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hope ?

I went to a funeral today of someone I had never met! Marie was the partner of Karen’s cousin. I just happen to be in Dundee and the funeral was in Arbroth a short train ride away. To cap it all the person I have been with all week also had a funeral to go to this morning!
With all that I felt that God was telling me to go. I am not sure that I made any different, or was really noticed, no great big conversations, no wise words, but I went. I trust God that he knows why.

The service was a humanist service to celebrate her life, which I found a little strange. It was nice to learn a bit about Marie and who she was, what she did etc., but with everyone in black and no hope of anything beyond, what was the purpose? I also found it strange that having picked a humanist service, that a poem about her talked about her singing with angels! The hardest part was listening to Alan (Karen’s cousin) speak his few words, which ended with the phrase “I love you Marie, wherever you are”. It is interesting that even when people “don’t believe” there is still something in them that yearns for something more.

One thing I will say to my family, is that I know that when I die you will morn and be sad, but I would love a funeral that was not in black, but bright colours. Please celebrate because I know I will be in the best place possible, with our heavenly father. To me it is not just a hope but firm belief.

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