Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunny :)

Today was very sunny, not a cloud in the sky :-)

Microsoft had their Company Meeting, which meant all the cafeteria's were closed. Good job Adrian arranged lunch for us.

The pace of the training is ok. We are on to the first part of the Migration Lab (all day tommorrow and also next Saturday!!). I have managed to catch up on writing up my notes as I skipped doing it last night. I had 2 beers last night :)

It was a bit of an odd day, as for some reason I was hit by the fact it would have been my sister Linda's birthday. She died back in 97, I don't know why it hit me, maybe just missing home. Also a good reason to have 2 beers. Feeling much better today.

The big question of the day is will I be able to watch England tonight. Not sure it is on free to view here in the US :(

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