Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bright lights.....but no one’s home!

It has been one of those days. The training has been really good, deep dive stuff and I have had several of those light bulb moments where everything has suddenly become clear. Things I have always wondered about fall into place. The problem is that I am already brain dead from the long hours and amount of information and we are only just getting towards the end of the first week.

It was good to chat to Karen as she had been to see mum and dad with Sarah and Peter, but I wished I was at home to give her and them a big hug. That is the hardest things about being away at a time like this.

Still resisting the chocolate but I do need to find time to buy some more fruit. Did a little shopping tonight, but the place we went to didn’t have fresh stuff, but at least we have some easy food for when we do eventually get back to our apartment at night.

I was hoping to get some time off on Sunday, as I don’t really like working on a Sunday, but the work load at the moment is making that difficult. It is not only me, but the small group I am hanging out with needing to bounce things off each other to help us remember it all.

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