Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Following today's session we went to eat at an Irish bar and as they were serving O'Hara's stout I just had to have a glass. While there we got the results of today's exam and as I passed I had another glass :) Marc unfortunately did not pass, so he had another glass of Guiness to drown his sorrows.

The session following the exam was hard as we all came out of the exam feeling exhausted. I'm not sure how we will cope on Saturday with an exam followed by the qualification lab. Also with no Sunday to prep, I am having to start revision early. We do though get most of Friday free to prep for the exam.

I am though looking forward to the weekend and coming home. I am sure the time will pass very quickly.


  1. Can you bring a souvenir back for my dad? He'd love something with 'O'Hara' on! Trying to give you an excuse to go back!!
    And very well done for passing the exam

    Love you

  2. Less than a week and you'll be home!
    Well done for passing the exam :) xxx