Monday, June 22, 2009

Too much everything!

Too much food - I had a BIG American breakfast. It was good but very filling. I am still full now at 7pm!!. We had forgotten that being Father's day the place would be packed, so after a 45min wait we actually say down about mid-day. But is was worth the wait. Problem was that we were meant to do revision this afternoon, and everyone felt too full.

Too much revision - yes I have done loads, both today and the last couple of days. I went for a walk after breakfast/lunch to keep me awake. I took my cue cards and read them as I walked. We have also gone over them several times since and I feel I know most of it now, although will still be going over them again later.

Too much slides - (I know that is not good English, but it fits with the "too much" theme). In the first week we did 845 slides in 34 hours of class time, which is 2.41 minutes per slide. This week we did 486 slides in 19.5 hours of class time, which is 2.4 minutes per slide. The reason for less hours is more labs, and also I excluded the session we had with Microsoft IT as it is not in the exams.

Too much cloud - it is a bit cloudy and trying to rain/thunderstorm, where has all the sunny weather gone?

Too much time away - I am missing you all and can't wait to come home. A week from now I will be on the plane home :)

Too much walking - well done Hannah, I hope you are not too exhausted and that you had time to enjoy it.

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  1. thank you :)
    I did enjoy it... it was hard but worth it!