Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson....

For my daughter, don’t feel you have to apologise, your opinion is perfectly valid. For anyone else reading this blog, I apologise if you don’t agree, everyone is allowed their own opinion, put yours on your own blog, not as comments to others who disagree with you.

MJ is dead, which is sad for his fans, but for people like my daughter and myself I could say so what? The world will go on. I accept he was a great musician and performer, but I was not into his music. Beyond that I am not aware of loads of charitable work he may have done. I am sure there is some, but I am not aware of it, and posting comments to this blog about it is unnecessary as the point being if they were on the level of Bob Geldof, Princess Diana etc. then I would have been. Also his reputation was tarnished by allegations of child abuse. Now I know nothing was proven and you have to take everything you read in the news with a pinch of salt, but any 30/40 year old who allows a 12 year old (I know the ages may be wrong but you get the point) even if nothing happens just does not seem right. There have been several other great performers who have died in the last year, but without the same level of news coverage, and that’s my point and why I agree with my daughter. The outpouring is disproportionate, he was not Princess Diana, and there are several other people who I will miss more.

So to re-iterate to my daughter, don’t feel you have to apologise I agree with you.