Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too tired to drink :-(

Given that I have been here a week I have had relatively little alcohol! Last night I was too tired for a drink. We went out for a meal and I drank water, and even when I had finished studying I didn't want a drink. Over this first week, between Marc and myself we have had 6 bottles of beer and 1 1/2 bottles of wine, plus one drink with a meal out. Now for me on these sort of trips that is very little. With the long days, evenings studying I have just been too tired other than 1 drink. I did make up for it tonight and have 2 beers.

The exam this morning went as well as I could expect. Yes there were questions I had to guess, but I didn't think oh that was somthing I should have definitely known. Hopefully we will get the results tomorrow. The exams are still paper based so it takes time to mark and calibrate them.

We were meant to be meeting some of the Program Managers this evening (hence the 2 beers), but due to a meeting they had we only met one of them. It did give me the chance though to pop in and see Tanya. I hope to find time to fit in an evening drink with here at some point later, if I ever get any free time.

We are now on week 2, today was a bit lighter, but the drop in adrenalin following the exam made it hard to concentrate. They set up a web cam so Craig could listen in without infecting us all, and also recorded it for him.

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