Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Start!!

Well after many years, I have decided to start a blog. How long it will last I don't know. The reason is that I am in the US for the next 3 weeks and communicating with family at home is difficult due to long days and not much free time.

As some of you will know things at home are far from ideal, and I know Karen, Sarah and Peter are finding it hard (read their blogs for more http://kalbrombley.blogspot.com/ http://space-kitten.blogspot.com/) I even felt on the plane coming over if I was really doing the right thing by still coming.

Well having arrived to find no internet access in my apartment (should arrive Wednesday) and can you imagine me complaining about lack of TV channels in the US. Well we have about 2 that are working. Working being optimisitc word in that they are fuzzy due to poor reception, a bit likt the early days of channel 5. This is not helping in my communications.

The course started yesterday and given that I thought I knew a lot, and then discovered how little I know (only about 20% of yesterday's content), I can see I am in for a tough few weeks. 8am starts, 7pm finish is you are lucky. Sunday is a day off, but with exams Monday morning, there will be plenty of revision.

As for my diet, I think I will be struggling by the end. I am trying to resist all the chocolate etc. that is provided to keep us going. I have though managed to go running twice already!!. Jetlag = Running.... or is this just more pain!. I was running at 6:30 this morning as I was awake early due to jetlag. The apartment is next to a park and lake. There is an old railway track, now a dirt track, which is a really pleasent run. Although a 6:30am it was a bit nippy (53deg). But a great view, PJ would have liked the two eights out rowing.

My only thoughts at the moment are that with this tuff start, it can only get better.

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