Thursday, June 18, 2009

Half Way!!

Today we reached half way, but only in days! I have only done 1 exam and still have 2 more and a qualification lab to do. I must say though I am already looking forward to the end and coming home.

Today I have not been so tired, but that may be because I didn't go for a run this morning. I woke about 5am and then went back to sleep and by the time I woke I didn't have time for a run.

The sessions today have seemed lighter, although in many ways they have more in depth than the last couple of days.

Craig is back in class, and trying to catch up, in fact he is currently doing the exam he missed on Monday (no let up for being sick!!).

Scott, one of the lecturers who I did Voice Ignite with in London in December summed it up, when he said you can't really explain the experience unless you have been through it. It is not like any other training. Very intense, but very good. No time for anything else, by the time you get to your room all you want to do is sleep.

Still resisting the chocolate, chopped pineapple is working, but Adrian (the organiser) does have some XXXXL (yes I mean 4XL) t-shrits just in case.

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