Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's raining :(

It has been raining today here in Seattle, not that I see the outside much.

The sessions though have been good. This morning we had the people that run the Microsoft implementation. Very very interesting. Also nothing to revise for the exams :)

Lunchtime we all went to the company store (sorry PJ, I relised that the XBox games won't run on your console due to NTSC/PAL issues, but I got you something else as I got mice for Mum and Sarah).

This afternoon has been a lab all afternoon working out very complicated dialplan. This is stuff I know, but it still took me ages. I am writing this as I wait for the others to finish. Tomorrow we also have a lab all day (the second half of the one from last week), which is good from the point of view of things to revise, but I do need to find time to do some revision.

Hope the interview with the head went ok for PJ, and I saw the emails about him leaving, but at least he will be there next year for PJ's last year.

Still resisting the chocolate, and yes Sarah I will try and find time to buy you some. Fruit again today, this is working well.

Missing you all, and best to Hannah for the 3 peaks.

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  1. Don't get me loads, just a little bit of hershey's :) thankyou!