Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not a lot to say

Today has been a relatively quite day, hence not a lot to say. We had a session on building applications (programming) which was fun, we then had a big "case study" which was not very serious so again fun, and ended with a troubleshooting lab which was also fun. It did also mean that I didn't have much to go over tonight to prep for the exam on Satuday so I was quite happy going out to eat.

We did also have a session with Per who is Ardians manager to feedback on the Masters program. Apart from the general feedback around content we did some up with some "other" suggestions! these included windows in the room so we could actually see if the sun was shining, I also suggested that we had something to give our wives when we got home (bad news there is no budget for that!!).

I am still resisting the chocolate, and have also managed to keep up the running.

Finally a question to ask Clive, why does my toothbrush not hold it's charge as well over here? I have noticed this before on rechargable electrical items that they don't appear to last as long even though they are 100% charged. I have had to charge up my toothbrush 3 times already.

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  1. he says (can repeat words but not sure I understand them!) there is prob not enough voltage to produce sufficent current needed to do the complete recharge. (he notices same prob with his phone). A step up transformer as opposed to normal thing to use plugs in usa might help - if there is such a thing!