Friday, June 12, 2009

It never rains......

I had a reasonable nights sleep. I was half awake and had to decide whether to go for a run or not. I made the decision and got up and went for a run. It was a really good start to the day. It cleared my head, and I had a great chat to God.

Got back to the apartment and saw a text from Kal, so gave her a call to find Mum is now in hospital (although she may be out by the time you read this). She has had what they think is seizure, rather than a TIA. What was worst about it was Kal took the call from my sister as Peter was about to walk out the door to go to school for an exam. It hit him quite hard. For me what hit me was not being there for Peter. It is hard being this far away when my family needs me. Much as I am coping with the problems with Mum and Dad, it is difficult not being there for Kal, Sarah and Peter.

Lectures today have been a bit better. Same lecturer, but topics I know reasonably well already. Having a lab of 30 virtual machines all to myself can be great fun. We are though several hours behind on our schedule of topics.

I am still resisting the chocolate. I bought strawberries and blueberries in to eat. That being said I did succumbed to comfort food this lunchtime, which is no surprise given the problems with Mum and Dad. Also we are karting tonight :-) and given how the lecturers have gone I am going. I had debated spending the time going over my notes (that is how hard they are working us). Bad news for the diet as it means having to eat Pizza, but I think I could do with that.

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