Friday, June 26, 2009

Our God is a Wonderful God

We had our wrap up session this morning, and now it is just revision. I met with Tanya for lunch to discover she is leaving Microsoft, long story which I will tell when I get home.

I then walked back to the apartment, not realising quite how far it was. I read my revision cards while walking, making sure I kept half an eye on where I was going. I got to the bottom of the hill having got to the end of my cards, and thought I had a short walk along a road by the park, so I put on some worship music to have a break from revision and found the road was actually through this beautiful park and longer than I thought. The sun was shining, God is a wonderful God, it was a most uplifting experience to see the glory of his creation, and the long walk was well worth it.

If it wasn’t for the fact my sunglasses, sun cream etc were back at the apartment and I really needed to do more revision I would have just stayed there!! It is actually down a short path opposite the apartment, I am glad I didn’t find it before as I think I would not have done any work!

I am now back at the apartment, about to do more revision, but I think I will be taking a walk over the road later for more of God’s glory.

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  1. for some reason I couldn't comment on your other post but I wanted to say thankyou :)
    people are mean sometimes but I'm doing ok about it today.
    2 days until you're home!
    it's very hot and sunny here, supposed to get up to 30C in the next few days!