Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of the first week....well almost...

Today has been a much better day. We have been doing a lab all day which although tough, is a lot easier on the brain than having to listen to lecturers talk about things you don't understand and need to learn!

Marc and I decided at 5pm we had had enough of the labs so headed back to the apartment (We finish the lab next Saturday). The only problem is that we now have all this week's work to revise ready for our exam Monday morning 8am. So that idea I had about possibly having Sunday off, who was I kidding. I am taking an hour or so now, to do things like write this blog, cook a decent meal, and then down to revision this evening. I hope to keep tomorrow morning free and have a bit of relaxing time before some more revision with Marc, John and Craig tomorrow afternoon.

It was good to chat to Karen today and see her blog and see that she also has had a better day. Long may it continue.

Still resisting the chocolate, but as the canteen was not open on campus today ended up having a burger for lunch as it was the only place close by.

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