Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a difference a day makes

It is not 11:40pm and I am still up and working. Today has been much harder. A different lecturer who I have struggled to understand what he is trying to get over and this meant I have had to do loads of revision this evening. So although we finished at about 8, we have spent the last few hours in our apartment going over all that we did today. I think I understand more of it now, and more seems to have gone in than I thought. If only I could remember all the RFC numbers (like all your law references Sarah).

We have internet access now in the apartment, but it is not very reliable. Not sure why, but I have found a way around it by connecting through work.

I am still resisting the chocolate, took pineapple in today to keep me going. If only I could find something other than coffee or sugary drinks, there is a lack of good low cal drinks that I like.

Been on IM to Karen which was nice and unexpected given that it was 6:30am in the UK. Also I had an email from PJ late yesterday which made me laugh very loudly, great way to cheer my up. I am also looking forward to seeing Sarah's signing and the decorating she has been doing when I eventually get back.


  1. All the law numbers eventually fell into my head too so hopefully they will for you aswell! although they didn't click in my head until the day of the exam so i hope they'll click before your exam!

  2. PJ just sent me the link to your blog. So yay I have another blog to follow :) Hope you don't mind!

    Sounds like very long days :( Hope you're doing ok though :)